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<div class=”entry-content clear” itemprop=”text”> <p><strong>Smoking:</strong> All of June Lake Premier Reservation’s properties are non-smoking.  If the property smells of any tobacco product or Cannabis, your credit will be charged for any services/equipment used to remove the odor.  Please do not smoke inside the property.  All smoking must take place 30 feet from any structure. Please be sure to dispose of your cigarette properly.</p> <p><strong>Check-in time</strong> is 4:00 PM.  Check-out time is 10:00 AM.  We expect you to honor these times as the housekeepers need to clean and prepare the unit for the next guest’s arrival.  If you have special needs and would like to check-in early, we will do our best to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee this.</p> <p><strong>Cancellation Policy</strong>:  All non-holiday reservations must be canceled at least 14 days prior to arrival and all holiday reservations must be canceled at least 30 days prior to arrival to qualify for a refund minus a $45 cancellation fee.  All cancellations that do not meet these requirements will not be refunded. </p> <p><strong>Weather</strong>:  We do not refund any monies for weather-related issues or smoke due to forest fires that may affect June Lake or the surrounding areas. Please research the weather conditions or call us with any questions or concerns you may have. Weather is the Eastern Sierra can change drastically in a short time. As California reacts to numerous wildfires in recent years, all of us who cherish our mountains are adjusting to new parameters on how to stay safe.  Our local energy provider SCE has taken proactive measures called PSPS-Public Safety Power Shutoff: <br><br>“Powering Off for Wildfire Safety-When there are potentially dangerous weather conditions in fire-prone areas, we may need to call a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event. During these events, we will proactively turn off power in high fire risk areas to reduce the threat of wildfires. Turning off our customers’ power is not something we take lightly, but PSPS events are one of the ways we can better ensure the safety of the public, our customers, and our employees.” <br><br>Getting the notifications out in a timely manner to everyone who will be affected is a “work in progress”.  You can log into or call: 1-800-611-1911 to see if your vacation could be impacted.  SCE has this disclaimer: Erratic or sudden onset of conditions may impact our ability to provide advanced notice to customers.  We at June Lake Premier Reservations ask all of our guests to be prepared, informed and patient.  Some businesses in June Lake have generators and are able to provide services during power outages.<br><br>Nature is Wild, we like it that way and we are here to help you have the best mountain experience possible.<br><br><strong>WIFI/Cable Service: </strong>Please remember during adverse weather conditions the WIFI and Cable service can become slow or disrupted completely. We are in an isolated and mountainous environment and we often experience heavy winds and heavy snowfall during the winter months.</p> <p><strong>Credit Card:</strong>  Full payment is due at the time of booking a reservation. When a guest pays for a reservation using a personal credit card, you authorize June Lake Premier Reservations to use the credit card on file for any damages that may occur during your stay.  You authorize June Lake Premier Reservations to use your credit card for up to $500 should damage occur.</p> <p>Reservations Payment in full is accepted at the time of booking.</p> <p><strong>Refunds</strong>:  There are no refunds for departing early. Please take this into consideration before you do so. Illness, medical emergencies and poor weather do not qualify for an early departure.</p> <p><strong>Age Requirements:  </strong>Guests must be 21 years of age or older to reserve a property with June Lake Premier Reservations.  Our staff reserves the right to ask for identification to verify a person’s age should there be a question.  All guests under 21 years of age must be accompanied by someone who is 21 years of age or older.</p> <p><strong>Pets:</strong>  Pets are not allowed in any of our rental properties, with the exception of The Hidden Meadows Cabin, which is pet-friendly.  Please do not risk bringing a pet to our non-pet-friendly properties. You will be asked to vacate the property immediately should a pet be discovered. If you have a service dog and plan to bring the animal along, you must notify June Lake Premier Reservations before arrival.</p> <p><strong>Lost & Found</strong>: Should a guest discover they have left an item behind, the management will be happy to go to the property and look for it. There is a $20 fee to go to the property and look/retrieve the item.  Guests will also be responsible for the cost incurred to mail it to its destination.</p> <p><strong>Occupancy:</strong>  All of our rental properties have a designated occupancy limit. This limit has been set by the Mono County Chapter 26 Ordinance.  All guests must comply with the occupancy limits.  Failure to comply may result in immediate eviction.  Remember children and infants do count as people are considered a part of the occupancy limit.</p> <p class=”has-text-align-center”></p> <p class=”has-text-align-center has-text-color” style=”color:#d05904″>June Lake Premier Reservations reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.</p> </div>