General Contracting

Dan Corning is a general contractor and partner in June Lake Premier Reservations.  You’ll come to know him as the point person who will keep your property in top shape and handle any guests needs that arise after hours.  While Dan’s experience is wide-spread, his love is working with custom spaces and unique challenges.

Surfing to Climbing, Mountains to Ocean. These are where most of my life’s lessons have been learned. I’ve embraced nature as my inspiration for design, but have learned that nature does it better, so my work has shifted to absorb functional design with an impetus from nature.

From teaching recreational woodworking at San Diego State to years of construction all over the country, I decided to settle in Mammoth Lakes in 2005. Mountaindog Woodworks was licensed in 2006. I am licensed, bonded, general contractor, although I prefer using my skills for the stuff others can’t build.

After 7 years of undergad at SDSU, I became serious, went back and studied as a studio assistant for renowned artist Italo Scanga. I have a Masters of Fine Art degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Having a passion for sculpture and being a Master Craftsman unites my skills for the truly unique and challenging project.  Build/Design is my expertise, and given the chance, I hope my ideas will exceed your expectations.