Frequently Asked Owner Questions

Can I use my vacation home as often as I want to?

Absolutely!  You can book your home at any time, for as long as you want.  Remember to book high season days and holidays in advance to guarantee your owner reservation.

Can I clean my home on departure?

Owners are allowed to clean their own homes on departure.  We ask that your guests use our housekeeping services to ensure the home is clean and stocked properly for the next guest arriving.

Can I cancel my reservation at the last minute and can you book it?

Yes, you can cancel your owner reservation at any time.  Please call us and let us know and we will certainly try to rebook the home for you.

Can I book my home for myself at the last minute?

Of course, come to June!  If you see that your home does not have a reservation booked, by all means either call us or book your reservation online. Please let us know you plan to come and use your home.

Can my Family and friends use my condo?

Your family and friends are welcome anytime to use your home.  Please let us know if you will us to leave a key in our lockbox for them. Your guests will need to return the key back to our office on departure.

Do I have to allow a service animal in my home?

This is a delicate subject and we have attached a link below explaining the guidelines of a service dog and what our responsibilities are when renting properties.  If this situation should arise, we will discuss with the owner.

How often do I need to replace inventory items in my home?

We will always be keeping a watchful eye on your home and if anything is needed to keep it in top condition; we will let you know immediately.  You can always purchase the needed items or we can purchase them for you and bill you on your monthly statement.

Will my home be monitored during the slow seasons?

We are in our homes often and will ensure windows and sliders are closed, heat is either off or turned down and all appears to be in good condition.

Will you monitor our firewood or pellet inventory?

Yes!  If your firewood in getting low, we will let you know and order more for your home.  We will meet the firewood company at the property and make sure it is stacked neatly.  We can also purchase bags of pellets for you and deliver them your home.